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There are 2 chapels at Cardiff Crematorium, Thornhill. Services take place at 45 minute intervals and are available Monday to Friday and most Saturday mornings (additional Saturday charge applies).

The chapels can be hired for burial or memorial services or to extend the cremation service by an additional 45 minutes.

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There are a number of options available for cremated remains following the funeral.


Cremated remains can be buried in new graves that can accommodate further cremated remains or coffin burials in the future. It may be possible to bury cremated remains in an existing grave, with relevant permission.

See Burials for more information.

Item Price
Grave purchase £430
Burial fee £350


Cremated remains can be placed in a columbarium niche. The memorial plaque on the front of the niche is designed by the family and is included in the price. We have niches available that accommodate 2 or 4 sets of cremated remains.


Item Price
Niche purchase From £900
Panorma Memorial Vault Panorama fact sheet


There are eight gardens of remembrance at Thornhill and one at Western. We can refer to our records of previous scatters to ensure that family members can be laid to rest together. Appointments can be made for family members to attend scatters, unattended scatters take place 2 weeks after the day of the funeral.



Item Price
Attendance fee £30

Take away

Cremated remains can be taken away for private scatter or burial elsewhere or to keep at home until the family is ready to lay them to rest. A certificate of cremation is always issued and the correct permission must be obtained before any cremated remains are scattered or buried.

Scatter tubes are available for purchase in the enquiries office at Thornhill.


Item Price
Certificate of cremation £15
Scatter tube £15


We can keep the cremated remains safe at Thornhill for a 4 week period to give families more time to reach a decision. It is usually a good idea to make an appointment with the Enquiries Office at Thornhill to go through the options if this is something you are unsure about.

There are various after-cremation memorials available. Please see the memorials section for more information.