Cathays Cemetery

Cathays Cemetery opened in 1859; the first burial was Maria Dolores DePico, the 25 year old daughter of the Spanish Ambassador to Cardiff. Since then, there have been over 224,000 burials, including many notable Cardiff figures including mayors, shipping magnates, lords and many others who helped shape the city we know today.

In 2006, the Friends of Cathays Cemetery was formed to help preserve the historical legacy of the Cemetery as well as maintain the grounds for visitors. Today the Cemetery is a haven for wildlife as well as being valued for its rich historical legacy. The Cemetery hosts a varied and expanding programme of events through the year.


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  • Toilets (Fairoak road side – Accessible)

Graves available

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Commonwealth War Graves

Visiting information

A Visitor Information Panel has recently been installed at Cardiff (Cathays) Cemetery to provide information about the war casualties buried here. This is one of many panels being erected to help raise awareness of First and Second World War graves in the UK (Apr 2013).

History Information

During the 1939-1945 War, the city of Cardiff was one of the Royal Naval bases of the Western Approaches Command. It was severely damaged by enemy air attack during the early part of the 1939-1945 War and has been largely rebuilt. The cemetery, known locally as Cathays Cemetery was opened in 1859 and has been extended to cover over 100 acres. The cemetery contains war graves of both world wars. Just over a third of the 1914-1918 burials are contained in a War Graves Plot in the portion of Section EB, this plot is on two converging roadways leading to the main entrance. The remainder of the graves are scattered in other parts of the cemetery. After the 1914-1918 War, a Cross of Sacrifice was erected in front of the plot in the angle formed by the junction of the two roadways, the whole forming a triangular island site. The 1939-1945 War burials are scattered throughout the cemetery in more than 30 different sections. A number of them are airmen who came from the Royal Air Force stations at Cardiff and St. Athan. There are now nearly 500, 1914-1918 and over 200, 1939-1945 war casualties commemorated in this site. Some 40 French and Norwegian Foreign Nationals are also commemorated here.

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Latest News

Restoration of Cathays Cemetery Chapels

The recently restored Victorian non-conformist Chapel is now available for funeral services and wedding ceremonies. We gratefully acknowledge the kind donations from the following organisations, without their generosity, this work could not have been done.

Pidgeons of Cardiff –

Michael G Ryan, Son & Daughters –

Roath Court Funeral Home –

Green Willow Funerals –

Mossfords –

Coles Funeral Directors –

Tovey Brothers Funeral Directors –

Friends of Cathays Cemetery –

A special acknowledgement must be given to the Cymric Building Preservation Trust who donated the funds for the restoration of the central bell tower. After being boarded up for decades, the tower now has clear windows and new gates. Work continues inside with all fees raised from the hire of the chapel going towards the ongoing restoration and maintenance of this historic building.

Being Human Festival

Through a fruitful partnership with Cardiff City Council, the University of South Wales (USW) has produced a range of public performance works across the city. Working closely with the Council’s Cemeteries and Bereavement Services, USW has brought ‘history to life’ with performers creating short scenes relating to the fascinating stories of the people buried in the Cemetery.

The free event consolidates popular heritage walks with live performances that re-create the sounds and stories of the cemetery, its rich history and community relevance.

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Opening hours

Cathays Cemetery is open from 9am – 4.45pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 4:45pm Saturday and Sunday.